Reasoning about Higher-Order Processes

Amadio, Roberto and Dam, Mads (1994) Reasoning about Higher-Order Processes. [SICS Report]



We address the specification and verification problem for process calculi such as Chocs, CML and Facile where processes or functions are transmissible values. Our work takes place in the context of a static treatment of restriction and of a bisimulation-based semantics. As a paradigmatic and simple case we concentrate on (Plain) Chocs. We show that Chocs bisimulation can be characterized by an extension of Hennessy-Milner logic including a constructive implication, or function space constructor. This result is a non-trivial extension of the classical characterization result for labelled transition systems. In the second part of the paper we address the problem of developing a proof system for the verification of process specifications. Building on previous work for CCS we present an infinitary sound and complete proof system for the fragment of the calculus not handling restriction.

Item Type:SICS Report
Uncontrolled Keywords:Higher-Order Process Calculi, Bisimulation, Modal Logics, Program Specification, Program Verification
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