Memory Consumption Analysis of Java Smart Cards

Giambiagi, Pablo and Schneider, Gerardo (2005) Memory Consumption Analysis of Java Smart Cards. In: XXXI Latin American Informatics Conference (CLEI 2005), 10-14 Oct 2005, Cali, Colombia.

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Memory is a scarce resource in Java smart cards. Developers and card suppliers alike would want to make sure, at compile- or load-time, that a Java Card applet will not overflow memory when performing dynamic class instantiations. Although there are good solutions to the general problem, the challenge is still out to produce a static analyser that is certified and could execute on-card. We provide a constraint-based algorithm which determines potential loops and (mutually) recursive methods. The algorithm operates on the bytecode of an applet and is written as a set of rules associating one or more constraints to each bytecode instruction. The rules are designed so that a certified analyser could be extracted from their proof of correctness. By keeping a clear separation between the rules dealing with the inter- and intra-procedural aspects of the analysis we are able to reduce the space-complexity of a previous algorithm.

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