Final report on interactive route guidance 1988-1991

Brown, Carl and Gustavsson, Rune and Höök, Kristina and Lindewall, Per and Waern, Annika (1991) Final report on interactive route guidance 1988-1991. [SICS Report]



In this report we present the more important research contributions made in the Interactive Route Guidance (IRG) project* carried out at SICS Knowledge Based Systems Laboratory. The emphasis has been to look at those issues which affect acceptability of the IRG system both from the driver's and society's point of view. These contributions include : - a hierarchical representation of maps. - a heuristic search algorithm for route-finding in a hierarchical space. - a description of navigator stereotypes which may be implemented as user models in a navigational system. - principles for description of routes to the resident-navigator. - a methodology for the description of dynamic information that may affect traffic and route planning. - an algorithm which tailors planned routes to constraints and considers dynamic information in the planning. - a methodology for the presentation of route changes. - a system architecture for the integration of the route planning mechanism with the mechanisms for planning and presenting routes suitable for human stereotypes. - a system architecture for the integration of in-car information systems.

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