Connecting Wireless Sensornets with TCP/IP Networks

Dunkels, Adam and Voigt, Thiemo and Alonso, Juan and Ritter, Hartmut and Schiller, Jochen (2003) Connecting Wireless Sensornets with TCP/IP Networks. [SICS Report]



Wireless sensor networks are based on the collaborative efforts of many small wireless sensor nodes, which collectively are able to form networks through which sensor information can be gathered. Such networks usually cannot operate in complete isolation, but must be connected to an external network to which monitoring and controlling entities are connected. As TCP/IP, the Internet protocol suite, has become the de-facto standard for large-scale networking, it is interesting to be able to connect sensornets to TCP/IP networks. In this paper, we discuss three different ways to connect sensor networks with TCP/IP networks: proxy architectures, DTN overlays, and TCP/IP for sensor networks. We conclude that the methods are in some senses orthogonal and that combinations are possible, but that TCP/IP for sensor networks currently has a number of issues that require further research before TCP/IP can be a viable protocol family for sensor networking.

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