Bounds on the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks

Alonso, Juan and Dunkels, Adam and Voigt, Thiemo (2004) Bounds on the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks. [SICS Report]



Energy is one of the most important resources in wireless sensor networks. We use an idealized mathematical model to study the energy consumption under all possible routings. Our results are very general and, within the assumptions listed in Section 2, apply to arbitrary topologies, routings and radio energy models. We find bounds on the minimal and maximal energy routings will consume, and use them to bound the lifetime of the network. The bounds are sharp, and we show that they are achievable in many situations of interest. We give some examples, and apply the theory to the problem of covering a given square region with the most efficient member of a family of increasingly more dense square-lattice sensor networks. Finally, we use simulations to test these results in a more realistic scenario, where packet loss can occur.

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