An Analytical Study of Consistency and Performance of DHTs under Churn

El-Ansary, Sameh and Krishnamurthy, Supriya and Aurell, Erik and Haridi, Seif (2004) An Analytical Study of Consistency and Performance of DHTs under Churn. [SICS Report]



In this paper, we present a complete analytical study of dynamic membership (aka churn) in structured peer-to-peer networks. We use a master-equation-based approach, which is used traditionally in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics to describe steady-state or transient phenomena. We demonstrate that this methodology is infact also well suited to describing structured overlay networks by an application to the Chord system. For any rate of churn and stabilization rates, and any system size, we accurately account for the functional form of: the distribution of inter-node distances, the probability of network disconnection, the fraction of failed or incorrect successor and finger pointers and show how we can use these quantities to predict both the performance and consistency of lookups under churn. Additionally, we also discuss how churn may actually be of different 'types' and the implications this will have for structured overlays in general. All theoretical predictions match simulation results to a high extent. The analysis includes details that are applicable to a generic structured overlay deploying a ring as well as Chord-specific details that can act as guidelines for analyzing other systems.

Item Type:SICS Report
Uncontrolled Keywords:Peer-To-Peer, Structured Overlays, Distributed Hash Tables, Dynamic Membership in Large-scale Distributed Systems, Analytical Modeling, Master Equations
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