DTMsim - DTM channel simulation in ns

Abrahamsson, Henrik and Marsh, Ian (2001) DTMsim - DTM channel simulation in ns. [SICS Report]



Dynamic Transfer Mode (DTM) is a ring based MAN technology that provides a channel abstraction with a dynamically adjustable capacity. TCP is a reliable end to end transport protocol capable of adjusting its rate. The primary goal of this work is investigate the coupling of dynamically allocating bandwidth to TCP flows with the affect this has on the congestion control mechanism of TCP. In particular we wanted to find scenerios where this scheme does not work, where either all the link capacity is allocated to TCP or congestion collapse occurs and no capacity is allocated to TCP. We have created a simulation environment using ns-2 to investigate TCP over networks which have a variable capacity link. We begin with a single TCP Tahoe flow over a fixed bandwidth link and progressively add more complexity to understand the behaviour of dynamically adjusting link capacity to TCP and vice versa.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:TCP, DTM rate adaption
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