The GCLA user's manual

Aronsson, Martin (1991) The GCLA user's manual. [SICS Report]



GCLA is best regarded as a logic programming language, although it shares some features commonly found among functional languages. One of the main objective is to provide a powerful tool which supports the development of Knowledge Based Systems. For an introduction of how to program the GLCA system, the reader is recommended to consult "A survey of GLCA : A Definitional Approach to Logic Programming" [Aro91], "GLCAII, A Definitional Approach to Control " [Kre91], and "Programming methodology and techniques in GCLA" [Aro92]. This manual describes the system developed at SICS. The system consist of a library and a runtime system written in Prolog and GLCA and a Preprocessor/Compiler written in Prolog. This manual is based on the Industrial SICStus Prolog User's Manual by Mats Carlsson This manual is based where possible on SICStus Prolog User's Manual by Mats Carlsson and Johan Widén.

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Additional Information:Revised version of T89012 and T91:21. GCLA is a programming system developed at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) [Hal, Aro90, Aro91, Kre91].
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