Transfer through quasi logical form - A new approach to machine translation

Alshawi, Hiyan and Carter, David and Gambäck, Björn and Pulman, Steve and Rayner, Manny (1991) Transfer through quasi logical form - A new approach to machine translation. [SICS Report]



This Document is an introduction to a research project aimed at producing a prototype system for on-line translation of typed dialogues between speakers of different natural languages. The work was carried out jointly by SICS and SRI Cambridge. The resulting prototype system (called Billingual Conversation Interpreter, or BCI) translates between English and Swedish in both Directions. The major components of the BCI are two copies of the SRI Core Language Engine, equipped with English and Swedish grammars respectively. These are linked by the transfer and disambiguation components. Translation takes place by analyzing the source-language sentence into Quasi Logical Form (QLF), a linguistically motivated logical representation, transferring this onto a target-language QLF, and generating a target-language sentence. We believe that the project was successful in demonstrating the feasibility of using these techniques for interactive translation applications, and provides a sound basis for development of a large scale message translator system. The final section of the paper points to several possible follow-on projects aimed in the direction of practically usable commercial systems.

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