An implementable semantics for comparative constructions

Rayner, Manny and Banks, Amelie (1988) An implementable semantics for comparative constructions. [SICS Report]



We describe a fairly comprehensive handling of the syntax and semantics of comparative constructions. The analysis is largely based on the theory developed by Pinkham, but we advance arguments to support a different handling of phrasal comparatives - in particular, we replace the use of C-ellipsis with a method of interpretation we call contrastive comparison. We explain the reasons for dividing comparative sentences into different categories, and for each category we give an example of the corresponding Montague semantics. The ideas have all been implemented within a large-scale grammar for Swedish, a "toy" version of which is presented, along with examples of the output.

Item Type:SICS Report
Additional Information:This report is a revised and extended version of two earlier papers: (1) "Comparatives in Logic Grammars-Two Viewpoints" located in Natural Language Understanding and Logic Programming II: Proceedings of the 2nd Int'l Workshop on Natural Language Understanding and Logic Programming, Vancouver, Canada, 1987, pp. 153-168, V. Dahl and P. Saint-Dizier, editors, North-Holland Press, 1988; and (2) "Parsing and Interpreting Comparatives" located in Proceedings of the 26th Annual Conference of the Ass. for Computational Linguistics (ACL), Buffalo, 1988, published by the ACL, 1988. Original report number R88018.
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