Towards the realization of the database designer's apprentice, Part 1: General introduction

Mathieu, Philippe (1987) Towards the realization of the database designer's apprentice, Part 1: General introduction. [SICS Report]



The project presented here is part of the FREYR project. Its purpose is to explore the possibilities of applying knowledge-based technologies to the design of databases. It is divided into two main parts. The first one presents a state of the art, which should serve as a collection of results to be possibly used in the design of the project. Part of this text (essentially the state of the art) is taken from the description of an ESPRIT project in which the author was involved during the academic year 1984-85. It has been completed to take into account the recent developments in the field. The second part contains the description of the project. The research proposal comprises as a main theme the use of the so-called designer's apprentice. The possibility to use such a pastiche of the well-known programmer's apprentice in conceptual modelling appeared in an 85 report of the author. Interestingly enough, though the programmer's apprentice seems to fall short of expectation, quite the same technique applies to the conceptual design with more success. Roughly, the reason for this may be that programming (as a coding activity) has not yet found its geometry, while design drawing lends itself to formal description in the theory of graphs. Problems that we are able to connect with a graph become simpler to discuss and large sections of verbal description are replaced by manipulation with pictures; graphs are as close as possible both to their visual image as a whole and to their description using formal rules.

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