IPerG position paper

Waern, Annika and Åkesson, Karl-Petter (2004) IPerG position paper. In: Workshop on Gaming Applications in Pervasive Computing Environments, Second International Conference on Pervasive Computing: Pervasive 2004, Vienna, 21-23 Apr 2004, Vienna, Austria.

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Pervasive games are a radically _digital_ new game form that extends gaming experiences out into the physical world­ be it on city streets or in remote wilderness. Players equipped with handheld and wearable interfaces move through the world. Sensors capture information about their current context, including their location. The sensor info is used to deliver a gaming experience that changes according to where they are, what they are doing and even how they feel. Focus of pervasive games will be only the game play and not the device used as pervasive games will provide focus points where many media experiences can be integrated including TV, film, public events etc. The players are unchained from their console and provided with a gaming experience interwoven with the physical world, offering them gameplay that is potentially available at any place and any time. To achieve a high quality pervasive gameplay experience, new technologies and game design tools to support the creation of new compelling forms of content must be explored. Pervasive games have high educational and cultural potential, being able to reveal aspects of the culture and history of a given environment to visitors and residents alike.

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