Fuzzy control of queuing systems

Zhang, Runtong and Phillis, Yannis A. and Kouikoglou, Vassilis S. (2004) Fuzzy control of queuing systems. Springer. ISBN 9781852338244

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Queueing control plays an important role in manufacturing and communication networks and has been of considerable interest to many researchers. In this book, a novel approach is presented using fuzzy control to solve queueing control problems. Specifically, twenty one cases are studied in detail. These control models, either known or new in the literature, are selected from all categories in the queueing control field, i.e., control of the number of servers; control of the service rate; control of the queue discipline; control of the admission of customers, and control of queues with multicriteria. Simulation shows that this new approach is efficient and promising, especially in cases where analytical solutions do not exist. The approach signals a departure from classical techniques. Some applications to the Internet are also presented.

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