SenToy: an affective sympathetic interface

Höök, Kristina and Andersson, Gerd and Bullock, Adrian (2003) SenToy: an affective sympathetic interface. International Journal of Human Computer, 59 (1-2). pp. 227-235.

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We describe the design and implementation of SenToy: a tangible doll with sensors that allows a user to influence the emotions of a synthetic character in a game. SenToy is an input device that allows the user to perform gestures or movements that the sensors inside the doll pick up. The gestures are interpreted according to a scheme found through two different user studies: one Wizard of Oz study and one study with a fully functioning SenToy. Different gestures express one of the following emotions: anger, fear, surprise, sadness, gloating and happiness. Depending upon the expressed emotion, the synthetic character in the game will, in turn, perform different actions (trading, duelling, etc). The evaluation of SenToy acting as the interface to the computer game FantasyA has shown that the users were able to express the desired emotions to influence the synthetic characters, and that overall players liked the doll as an interface.

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