Spatial or narrative: a study of the Agneta and Frida system

Höök, Kristina and Holm, Jenny and Tullgren, Kristina and Sjölinder, Marie and Karlgren, Jussi and Persson, Per (1999) Spatial or narrative: a study of the Agneta and Frida system. In: Workshop on Affect in Interactions: Towards a New Generation of Interfaces, 1999, Siena, Italy.

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We propose that analysing interviews with subjects who have been exposed to anthropomorphic characters from a metaphorical point of view can provide insights into how characters in the interface are perceived. In a study of the Agneta & Frida system (two characters that comment contents of web pages in an ironic, humorous manner) we found that subjects who used Agneta & Frida used more narrative verbs and adverbs than users who only browsed the web pages. In the latter case, more spatial verbs and adverbs were used. This may imply that normal web browsing is perceived as navigation through a space, while Agneta & Frida provides for a more narrative experience.

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