Approaching the maximum 802.15.4 multi-hop throughput

Österlind, Fredrik and Dunkels, Adam (2008) Approaching the maximum 802.15.4 multi-hop throughput. [SICS Report]



Recent work in sensor network energy optimization has shown that batch-and-send networks can significantly reduce network energy consumption. Batch-and-send networks rely on effective batch data transport protocols, but the throughput of state-of-the-art protocols is low. We present conditional immediate transmission, a novel packet forwarding mechanism, with which we achieve a 109 kbit/s raw data throughput over a 6-hop multi-channel 250 kbit/s 802.15.4 network; 97% of the theoretical upper bound. We show that packet copying is the bottleneck in high-throughput packet forwarding and that by moving packet copying off the critical path, we nearly double the end-to-end throughput. Our results can be seen as an upper bound on the achievable throughput over a single-route, multi-channel, multi-hop 802.15.4 network. While it might be possible to slightly improve our performance, we are sufficiently close to the theoretical upper bound for such work to be of limited value. Rather, our results suggests that other mechanisms, such as multi-route forwarding, may be fruitful way to further improve multi-hop throughput.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:wireless sensor networks, 802.15.4, multi-hop throughput
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