From LOTOS specifications to distributed implementations

Sjödin, Peter (1992) From LOTOS specifications to distributed implementations. Doctoral thesis, Uppsala University.

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This Thesis presents a technique for automatic generation of implementations from their formal LOTOS specifications. The technique focuses on implementations executing in distributed systems where processes communicate by asynchronous message passing. Implementations are specified in an executable subset of LOTOS. Such specifications are translated into implementations that execute supported by a run-time system. Implementations are described in LOTOS. The run-time system contains a distributed synchronizer, which implements a distributed algorithm for process synchronization, including synchronazation with environment. The Implementation techniques is shown to given correct implementations by proving that the distributed synchronizer is testing equivalent to a simple , centrazed synchronizer, and that implementations, together with the centralizid synchronizer, are testing equivalent to their specification. A new proof method, based on induction on transitions, is used for proving testing equivalence. The method is applicable to a subset of non-divergent specifications. Performance and improvements of the distributed algorithm are discussed.

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Additional Information:SICS dissertation series: SICS-D--06.
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