Context Influence on Cell Phone Web Usage

Lundquist, Terés (2008) Context Influence on Cell Phone Web Usage. Masters thesis, Luleå Technical University.

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The study covered in this thesis has been carried out for the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a qualitative study of Web usage on cell phones, with the purpose to characterize frequent users who access many different websites. With this information it is possible to adjust the Web application development for cell phones to the factors that affect the user, and thus make using the Web on the cell phone easier. To get a better picture of this user group, contextual factors (motive, time, activity, location, distractions, interaction and privacy) were reviewed in terms of how they affect how people use the Web on their cell phone. This was done by using a so-called diary study, letting the participants write down information about their Web usage habits for one week. Depth interviews were used as a complement. The results showed that the Web on cell phones was most commonly used for pastime services such as reading the news and E-mail. The Web was not used as much when the participants were in a hurry, mainly because pastime services are not fit for time restricted situations, and the most frequently used location was at home, even though all participants had a computer at home with Internet access.

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