Tapping into effective emotional reactions via a user driven audio design tool.

Liljedahl, Mats and Fagerlönn, Johan (2009) Tapping into effective emotional reactions via a user driven audio design tool. In: Audio Mostly - A conference on interaction with sound, 2–3 Sept 2009, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

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A major problem when tackling any audio design problem aimed at conveying important and informative content, is the imposing of the designer’s own emotion, taste and value systems on the finished design choices, rather than reflecting those of the end user. In the past the problem has been routed in the tendency to use passive test subjects in rigid environments. Subjects react to sounds without no means of controlling what they hear. This paper suggests a system for participatory sound design that generates results by activating test subjects and giving them significant control of the sounding experience under test. The audio design tool application described here, the AWESOME (Auditory Work Environment Simulation Machine) Sound Design Tool, sets out to enable the end user to have direct influence on the design process through a simple yet innovative technical applications This web based device allows the end users to make emotive decisions about the kinds of audio signals they find most appropriate for given situations. The results can be used to both generate general knowledge about listening experiences and more importantly, as direct user input in actual sound design processes.

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