Secure Communication in WirelessHART and its Integration with Legacy HART

Raza, Shahid (2010) Secure Communication in WirelessHART and its Integration with Legacy HART. [SICS Report]



The WirelessHART is a new standard for Industrial Process Automation and Control, formally released in September 2007. WirelessHART specifications are very well organized in all aspects except security as there are no separate specifications that document security requirements, the security is limited and spread throughout the WirelessHART specifications, and it is hard to understand the employed security without reading all the core specifications. This report will provide a comprehensive overview of WirelessHART security, the provided security mechanisms will be analyzed against the possible threats and the solutions will be proposed for the identified shortcomings. The report work also comprises of the ways to integrate the WirelessHART network with the legacy HART network. Different integration options are provided and each differs with the kind of legacy HART network already in use. A secure way of integrating HART and WirelessHART is also proposed by enhancing the capabilities of Adapters and connecting them with the HART Masters rather than slave devices. Finally the architecture of such a Security Manager will be proposed which will be capable of securing the entire WirelessHART network. A comprehensive and secure key management system is proposed which is capable of random key generation, secure key storage and retrieval, secure and automatic key renewal, timely key revocation, and efficient key distribution.

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