The Power-Aware Cord: Energy Awareness through Ambient Information Display

Gustafsson, Anton and Gyllenswärd, Magnus (2005) The Power-Aware Cord: Energy Awareness through Ambient Information Display. CHI '05 extended abstracts on human factors in computing systems . pp. 1423-1426. ISSN 1-59593-002-7

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In order to support increased consumer awareness regarding energy consumption, we have been developing new ways of representing and interacting with energy in electric products intended for domestic environments. The ‘Power-Aware Cord’ is a re-design of a common electrical power strip that displays the amount of energy passing through it at any given moment. This is done by dynamic glowing patterns produced by electroluminescent wires molded into the transparent electrical cord. Using this fully functional prototype, we have been investigating how such ambient displays can be used to increase energy awareness. An initial user study indicates that the Power-Aware Cord is a very accessible and intuitive mean for better understanding energy consumption. Future work includes further development of the mapping between load and visual pattern and in-depth studies of user perception and learning over time.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Ambient displays; Interaction design; Conceptual design; Energy efficiency; Ubiquitous computing; Augmented reality; Physical device UI.
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