Cooja TimeLine: A Power Visualizer for Sensor Network Simulation

Österlind, Fredrik and Eriksson, Joakim and Dunkels, Adam (2010) Cooja TimeLine: A Power Visualizer for Sensor Network Simulation. In: ACM SenSys 2010, 3-5 November 2010, Zurich, Switzerland.

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Power consumption is one of the most important factors in wireless sensor network research, but most simulators do not provide support for visualizing the power consumption of an entire sensor network. This makes it hard to develop, debug, and understand mechanisms and protocols based on power-saving mechanisms. We present Cooja TimeLine, an extension to Contiki’s Cooja network simulator, that visualizes radio traffic and radio usage of sensor networks. Cooja TimeLine makes is possible to visually see the behavior of low-power protocols and mechanisms thereby increasing the understanding of the behavior of sensor networks. We see this as an important tool for the field moving forward.

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