II City Audio Guide

Liljedahl, Mats (2010) II City Audio Guide. In: The Eighth International Conference on Pervasive Computing, Workshop:Multimodal Location Based Techniques for Extreme Navigation, 17-20 May 2010, Helsinki, Finland.

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Traditionally, navigating the physical world has been a matter of primarily cognitive efforts – interpreting maps with signs and various levels of abstract visual representations of the physical world. With the advent of new and more powerful mobile technologies for GPS navigation, electronic compasses, possibilities for sound playback and DSP comes new opportunities to design and develop a wide range of applications for navigation. These new applications can potentially encompass and utilize more of man’s skills, such as hearing, sensing, intuition, perceptual and motor skills, emotions etc. More over, these applications can potentially support other modes of navigation than for pure efficiency. For example “stumbling” and “serendipitous discovery” are modes proposed by McGookin et al. When it comes to navigational services for mobile users, safety is an issue. Keeping the eyes firmly an a small screen displaying a map that shows current position and best route to a target destination, can potentially distract the user and put her in hazardous situations. The development of user interfaces that requires minimal attention, that does not distract the user but instead frees for example her eyes while at the same time guiding her in unknown territories is vital. These interfaces must support the user, not distract. In addition to the above mentioned, the project described in this paper also work with what Djajadiningrat et al. calls “aesthetics of interaction” and the “respect for all of man’s skills”.

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