A Low-Power CoAP for Contiki

Kovatsch, Matthias and Duquennoy, Simon and Dunkels, Adam (2011) A Low-Power CoAP for Contiki. In: Workshop on Internet of Things Technology and Architectures (IEEE IoTech 2011), 2011, Valencia, Spain.



Internet of Things devices will by and large be battery-operated, but existing application protocols have typically not been designed with power-efficiency in mind. In low-power wireless systems, power-efficiency is determined by the ability to maintain a low radio duty cycle: keeping the radio off as much as possible. We present an implementation of the IETF Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) for the Contiki operating system that leverages the ContikiMAC low-power duty cycling mechanism to provide power efficiency. We experimentally evaluate our low-power CoAP, demonstrating that an existing application layer protocol can be made power-efficient through a generic radio duty cycling mechanism. To the best of our knowledge, our CoAP implementation is the first to provide power-efficient operation through radio duty cycling. Our results question the need for specialized low-power mechanisms at the application layer, instead providing low-power operation only at the radio duty cycling layer.

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