Use of Information-Centric Networks in Revision Control Systems

Brown, Lars and Axelsson, Erik (2011) Use of Information-Centric Networks in Revision Control Systems. Masters thesis, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology.

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NetInf and CCN are two Information-Centric Network approaches which are constructed to solve limitations of today’s Internet that was developed in the 60’s. Today’s Internet requires that datum is referred by its location. This is not something the end-user is interested in, the user is only interested in securely finding the information that searched for. These approaches decouple location from data and also aim on embedding security into the information itself and to provide caching functionality directly in networks. The main goal of this thesis work was to show the potential advantages of using the Information-Centric approaches by implementing them into the version control system Subversion and performing experimental evaluations. A Subversion adaptation has successfully been developed which supports both OpenNetInf and CCNx. With a 1Mbit/s connection to the Subversion server evaluation results show that, compared to the original implementation, checkouts can be performed 13(!) times faster using OpenNetInf and 2.3 times faster using CCNx. This work also presents motivation for future work in the area of Information-Centric Networks and has contributed with a working application which exploits advantages of these approaches.

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