Actinium: A RESTful Runtime Container for Scriptable Internet of Things Applications

Kovatsch, Matthias and Lanter, Martin and Duquennoy, Simon (2012) Actinium: A RESTful Runtime Container for Scriptable Internet of Things Applications. In: International Conference on the Internet of Things (IoT 2012).



Programming Internet of Things (IoT) applications is challenging because developers have to be knowledgeable in various technical domains, from low-power networking, over embedded operating systems, to distributed algorithms. Hence, it will be challenging to find enough experts to provide software for the vast number of expected devices, which must also be scalable and particularly safe due to the connection to the physical world. To remedy this situation, we propose an architecture that provides Web-like scripting for low-end devices through Cloud-based application servers and a consistent, RESTful programming model. Our novel runtime container Actinium (Ac) exposes scripts, their configuration, and their lifecycle management through a fully RESTful programming interface using the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP). We endow the JavaScript language with an API for direct interaction with mote-class IoT devices, the CoapRequest object, and means to export script data as Web resources. With Actinium, applications can be created by simply mashing up resources provided by CoAP servers on devices, other scripts, and classic Web services. We also discuss security considerations and show the suitability of this architecture in terms of performance with our publicly available implementation.

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