Share This Book: Critical perspectives and dialogues about design and sustainability

Mazé, Ramia and Olausson, Lisa and Plöjel, Matilda and Redström, Johan and Zetterlund, Christina, eds. (2013) Share This Book: Critical perspectives and dialogues about design and sustainability. Axl Books, Stockholm, Sweden. ISBN ISBN (Print) 9789186883140 ISBN (E-book): 9789186883195

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This is a critical time in design. Concepts and practices of design are changing in response to historical developments in the modes of industrial design production and consumption. Indeed, the imperative of more sustainable development requires profound reconsideration of design today. Theoretical foundations and professional definitions are are at stake, with consequences for institutions such as museums and educations as well as for future practitioners. This is ‘critical’ on many levels, from the urgency need to address societal and environmental issues and the reflexivity required to think and do design differently. This book traces the consequences of sustainability for concepts and practices of design. Our basic questions concern how fundamental concepts that have become institutionalized in design may (or may not) be adequate for addressing contemporary challenges. The book is composed of three main, authored sections, which present different trajectories through a shared inquiry into notions of ‘form’ and ‘critical practice’ in design. In each section, there is a dialogue between text and image – theory and practice, argument and experiment – in which photographic, graphic, facsimile, or other materials act not as illustrations but as arguments in another (designed) form. Each argument interweaves theoretical, historical and practical perspectives that, cumulatively, critique and reconfigure design as we see it.

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