Demo Abstract: How Temperature Affects IoT Communication

Brown, James and Roedig, Utz and Boano, Carlo Alberto and Roemer, Kay and Tsiftes, Nicolas (2014) Demo Abstract: How Temperature Affects IoT Communication. In: The 11th European Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks (EWSN), 17-19 Feb 2014, Oxford, UK.



In the future we will rely on applications built on top of the Internet of Things (IoT). Example applications are smart cities, smart grids and smart healthcare. These IoT applications require a reliable service with predictable quality, and that sensor data and actuator commands are delivered reliably and timely. Unfortunately, IoT performance is highly affected by environmental conditions, especially by ambient temperature. It is therefore necessary to configure an IoT system such that sufficient application performance is provided under all environmental conditions that may be encountered. In this demonstration, we show how ambient temperature affects the performance of an IoT application. Specifically, we connect remotely to a large-scale temperature-controlled testbed and show how temperature affects the operation of a state-of-the- art routing protocol. Using a local setup, we further demonstrate how the impact of temperature on communication links can be easily captured and modelled in order to inform the design of communication protocols robust to high temperature fluctuations.

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