Dynamic landscapes: A model of context and contingency in evolution

Foster, David V. and Rorick, Mary M. and Gesell, Tanja and Feeney, Laura Marie and Foster, Jacob G. (2013) Dynamic landscapes: A model of context and contingency in evolution. Journal of Theoretical Biology , 334 . 162 - 172.

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Abstract Although the basic mechanics of evolution have been understood since Darwin, debate continues over whether macroevolutionary phenomena are driven by the fitness structure of genotype space or by ecological interaction. In this paper we propose a simple model capturing key features of fitness-landscape and ecological models of evolution. Our model describes evolutionary dynamics in a high-dimensional, structured genotype space with interspecies interaction. We find promising qualitative similarity with the empirical facts about macroevolution, including broadly distributed extinction sizes and realistic exploration of the genotype space. The abstraction of our model permits numerous applications beyond macroevolution, including protein and RNA evolution.

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