On the global solution of a fuzzy linear system

Allahviranloo, Tofigh and Skuka, Arjan and Tahvili, Sahar (2014) On the global solution of a fuzzy linear system. Journal of Fuzzy Set Valued Analysis, ISPACS, 2014 .

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The global solution of a fuzzy linear system contains the crisp vector solution of a real linear system. So discussion about the global solution of a n × n fuzzy linear system Ax˜ = b˜ with a fuzzy number vector b in the right hand side and crisp a coefficient matrix A is considered. The advantage of the paper is developing a new algorithm to find the solution of such system by considering a global solution based upon the concept of a convex fuzzy numbers. At first the existence and uniqueness of the solution are introduced and then the related theorems and properties about the solution are proved in details. Finally the method is illustrated by solving some numerical examples. Keywords: Fuzzy linear system, Algebraic solution, Fuzzy number.

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