Offline Analysis of Independent Guarded Assertions in Automotive Integration Testing

Rodriguez-Navas, Guillermo and Kobetski, Avenir and Sundmark, Daniel and Gustafsson, Thomas (2015) Offline Analysis of Independent Guarded Assertions in Automotive Integration Testing. In: 12th IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON EMBEDDED SOFTWARE AND SYSTEMS, New York, USA.

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The size and complexity of software in automotive systems have increased steadily over the last decades. Modern vehicles typically contain numerous electrical control units (ECUs), and more and more features require real-time interaction between several dedicated ECUs (e.g., gearbox, brake and engine control units) in order to perform their tasks. Since system safety and reliability must not be adversely affected by this increase in complexity, proper quality assurance is a must. Such quality assurance is often performed by testing the system in different levels of integration throughout the development process. However, the growth of complexity of the system under test aslo affects the testing, making it laborious, difficult and costly. This paper presents a novel method for efficient offline analysis of traces, which has been especially tailored for integration testing of automotive systems. The method exploits the recently defined concept of independent guarded assertion in order to formally describe the events that are relevant for the analysis as well as the expected behavior in those events. The offline analysis is implemented using a standard commercial model checker and has shown good performance in the conducted experiments.

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