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Löfvendahl, Björn and Wannerberg, Petter (2015) CODE – slutrapport. SICS Swedish ICT Västerås, Västerås, Sweden. (Unpublished)

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To get the right competence at the right time can often be crucial for a company. This competence can be of different types, e.g. data from a system or human knowledge related to a specific problem. The idea with CODE (Competence On DEmand) is to support the process industry by finding models and system which through new technology (like augmented and virtual reality) can facilitate the recruitment and supply of specialists, bridge generation gap and increase quality assurance in the transfer of knowledge between employees – to make sure the right competence is available when it is needed. This project has examined two companies with different prerequisites to see if modern technology could help them with their competence needs. ABB FACTS runs operations in many parts of the world and it can be complicated to coordinate maintenance actions for all the different sites. Instead of sending specialists to support the different operations (which cost money and is very time inefficient) could it be possible to use some kind of remote guidance solution instead? For Gyproc, a big plaster manufacturer, quality insurance is of the essence and it is crucial that different persons interpret information in the same way. Could augmented reality be used to make it easier for the operators to access information and could virtual reality be used to better prepare the operators before their shift begin? The results of this study show that a remote guidance system using augmented reality could really facilitate the process of helping a technician working remotely. It is also possible to construct a virtual environment where operators could learn how to perform difficult tasks and procedures in a safe way. In this project the main question was “is it possible to use modern technology to solve the problems these companies have”? The answer was yes so now the next step is a new project where the findings in CODE are used to create a prototype of a system that solves these problems.

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