Timetabling based on generalised cost

Svedberg, Victoria and Aronsson, Martin and Joborn, Martin (2015) Timetabling based on generalised cost. [SICS Report]



The liberalised railway market of today calls for new methods to plan the annual timetable. A conflict between two railway undertakings operating in the same market is hard to solve using the current method. Common price setting strategies such as auctions, framework agreements and spot markets may be of help. To administer a long term stability for an operator, framework agreements can be entered. These framework agreements should be valid for several years but still not consume too much capacity from other operators. In this report we propose a novel mathematical model calculating the benefit of subsidised traffic, based on the generalised cost of it’s timetable and optimisation models are developed. The calculated benefit is weighted against traffic from other operators, to provide a decision support for concluding the content of the framework agreements.

Item Type:SICS Report
Additional Information:This research is performed under Trafikverket, grant TRV 2014/77971.
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