A Reliable and Efficient Token-Based MAC Protocol for Platooning Applications

Balador, Ali and Böhm, Annette and Uhlemann, Elisabeth and Calafate, Carlos and Cano, Juan-Carlos (2016) A Reliable and Efficient Token-Based MAC Protocol for Platooning Applications. In: 12th Swedish National Computer Networking Workshop (SNCNW 2016), June 1-2, 2016, Sundsvall, Sweden.

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Platooning is both a challenging and rewarding application. Challenging since strict timing and reliability requirements are imposed by the distributed control system required to operate the platoon. Rewarding since considerable fuel reductions are possible. As platooning takes place in a vehicular ad hoc network, the use of IEEE 802.11p is close to mandatory. However, the 802.11p medium access method suffers from packet collisions and random delays. Most ongoing research suggests using TDMA on top of 802.11p as a potential remedy. However, TDMA requires synchronization and is not very flexible if the beacon frequency needs to be updated, the number of platoon members changes, or if retransmissions for increased reliability are required. We therefore suggest a token-passing medium access method where the next token holder is selected based on beacon data age. This has the advantage of allowing beacons to be re-broadcasted in each beacon interval whenever time and bandwidth are available. We show that our token-based method is able to reduce the data age and considerably increase reliability compared to pure 802.11p.

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