Traffic Characteristics on 1Gbit/s Access Aggregation Links

Abrahamsson, Henrik and Ahlgren, Bengt and Lindvall, Patrik and Nieminen, Johanna and Tholin, Per (2017) Traffic Characteristics on 1Gbit/s Access Aggregation Links. In: IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) , 21-25 May 2017, Paris, France.

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Large network operators have thousands or tens of thousands of access aggregation links that they need to manage and dimension properly. Measuring and understanding the traffic characteristics on these type of links are therefore essential. What do the traffic intensity characteristics look like on different timescales from days down to milliseconds? How do the characteristics differ if we compare links with the same capacity but with different type of clients and access technologies? How do the traffic characteristics differ from that on core network links? These are the type of questions we set out to investigate in this paper. We present the results of packet level measurements on three different 1Gbit/s aggregation links in an operational IP network. We see large differences in traffic characteristics between the three links. We observe highly skewed link load probability densities on timescales relevant for buffering (i.e. 10-milliseconds). We demonstrate the existence of large traffic spikes on short timescales (10-100ms) and show their impact on link delay. We also found that these traffic bursts often are caused by only one or a few IP flows.

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