Soma-based Design Theory

Höök, Kristina and Hummels, Caroline and Isbister, Katherine and Marti, Patrizia and Marques Segura, Elena and Jonsson, Martin and Mueller, Florian 'Floyd' and Sanches, Pedro and Schiphorst, Thecla and Ståhl, Anna and Svanaes, Dag and Trotto, Ambra and Graves Petersen, Marianne and Lim , Youn-kyung (2017) Soma-based Design Theory. In: CHI2017, 6-11 May, Denver, Colorado.



Movement-based interaction design is increasingly popular, with application domains ranging from dance, sport, gaming to physical rehabilitation. In a workshop at CHI 2016, a set of prominent artists, game design-ers, and interaction designers embarked on a research journey to explore what we came to refer to as “aes-thetics in soma-based design”. In this follow-up work-shop, we would like to take the next step, shifting from discussing the philosophical underpinnings we draw upon to explain and substantiate our practice, to form our own interaction design theory and conceptualisa-tions. We propose that soma-based design theory needs practical, pragmatic as well as analytical study – otherwise the felt dimension will be missing. We will consider how such tacit knowledge can be articulated, documented and shared. To ground the discussion firm-ly in the felt experience of our own practice, the work-shop is organised as a joint practical design work ses-sion, supported by analytical study.

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