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Argaw, Atelach Alemu and Asker, Lars and Cöster, Rickard and Karlgren, Jussi and Sahlgren, Magnus (2006) Dictionary-based Amharic-French Information Retrieval. In: Accessing Multilingual Information Repositories: 6th Workshop of the Cross-Language Evalution Forum, CLEF 2005, Vienna, Austria, 21-23 September, 2005, Revised Papers, 21-23 Sep 2005, Vienna, Austria.

Ågren, Magnus and Flener, Pierre and Pearson, Justin (2006) Inferring variable conflicts for local search. In: Proceedings of CP'06, 24-29 Sept 2006, Nantes, France.

Barton, John J. and Folowosele, Fopefolu and Nylander, Stina and Houston, Mave and Zhai, Shumin (2006) Connection Times for Strange Devices. In: 7th IEEE Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications, 6-7 April 2006, Semiahmoo Resort, Washington, USA.

Barton, John J. and Nylander, Stina and Folowosele, Fopefolu and Harrison, Beverly (2006) Dialing for Displays: Session Initiation Protocol for Opportunistic Augmentation. In: Fourth IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom 2006), 13-17 March 2006, Pisa, Italy.

Beldiceanu, Nicolas and Carlsson, Mats and Demassey, Sophie and Petit, Thierry (2006) Graph properties based filtering. In: CP'2006, Principles and practice of constraint programming, 25-29 September 2006, Nantes, France.

Carlsson, Mats (2006) The SICStus Prolog finite domain constraint programming library. In: CP-TOOLS-06, 24 September 2006, Nantes, France.

Gambäck, Björn and Sahlgren, Magnus and Argaw, Atelach Alemu and Asker, Lars (2006) Applying machine learning to Amharic text classification. In: WOCAL 5: 5th World Congress of African Linguistics, 7-11 August 2006, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. (In Press)

Gillblad, Daniel and Holst, Anders (2006) Incremental diagnosis with limited historical data. In: COMADEM (Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management) 2006: proceedings, 12-15 June 2006, Luleå, Sweden.

Gullberg, Mikael and Olsson, Olle (2006) Building need-based systems for complex hostile situations. In: CIMI 2006, 2006, Sweden.

Holst, Anders and Ekman, Jan and Larsen, Stefan (2006) Abnormality detection in event data and condition counters on Regina trains. In: Proceedings of the IET International Conference on Railway Condition Monitoring 2006 (RCM 2006), 29-30 November 2006, Birmingham, UK.

Holst, Anders and Ekman, Jan and Larsen, Stefan (2006) Abnormality detection in event data and condition counters on Regina trains. In: Proceedings of COMADEM-2006; Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management, June 12-15, 2006, Luleå, Sweden.

Jernberg, Jimmy and Vlassov, Vladimir and Ghodsi, Ali and Haridi, Seif (2006) DOH: A Content Delivery Peer-to-Peer Network. In: European Conference on Parallel Computing, (EUROPAR 2006), Aug-Sep 2006, Dresden, Germany.

Karlgren, Jussi and Sahlgren, Magnus and Cöster, Rickard (2006) Weighting Query Terms Based on Distributional Statistics. In: Accessing Multilingual Information Repositories: 6th Workshop of the Cross-Language Evalution Forum, CLEF 2005, Vienna, Austria, 21-23 September, 2005, Revised Papers, September, 2005, Wien, Austria. (In Press)

Lindström, Madlene and Ståhl, Anna and Höök, Kristina and Sundström, Petra and Laaksolahti, Jarmo and Combetto, Marco and Taylor, Alex and Breslin, Roberto (2006) Affective Diary - Designing for Bodily Expressiveness and Self-Reflection. In: Proceedings of the ACM SIGCHI conference Computer-Human Interaction (CHI2006), Session: Work-in-Progress, 22-27 April 2006, Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Sahlgren, Magnus (2006) Towards pertinent evaluation methodologies for word-space models. In: LREC 2006: Language Resources and Evaluation, 24-26 May 2006, Genoa, Italy.

Skogh, Hans-Emil and Haeggström, Jonas and Ghodsi, Ali and Ayani, Rassul (2006) Fast Freenet: Improving Freenet Performance by Preferential Partition Routing and File Mesh Propagation. In: The 6th International workshop on Global and P2P Computing on Large Scale Distributed Systems, (CCGRID 2006), May, 2006, Singapore.

Sundström, Petra and Ståhl, Anna and Höök, Kristina (2006) A Wild Evaluation of Users' Emotional Engagement. In: The WP9 Workshop on Innovative Approaches for Evaluating Affective Systems, Stockholm, Sweden. (Unpublished)

March 2006

Boström, Gustav and Giambiagi, Pablo and Olsson, Tomas (2006) Quality of Service Evaluation in Virtual Organizations Using SLAs. In: 1st International Workshop on Interoperability Solutions to Trust, Security, Policies and QoS for Enhanced Enterprise Systems (IS-TSPQ 2006), 21 Mar 2006, Bordeaux, France.

22 March 2006

Wilson, Michael D. and Chadwick, David and Dimitrakos, Theo and Döser, Jürgen and Giambiagi, Pablo and Golby, David and Geuer-Pollman, Christian and Haller, Jochen and Ketil, Stølen and Mahler, Tobias and Martino, Lorenzo and Parent, Xavier and Ristol, Santi and Sairamesh, Jakka and Schubert, Lutz and Tuptuk, Nilufer (2006) The TrustCoM approach to enforcing agreements between interoperating enterprises. In: Interoperability for Enterprise Software and Applications (I-ESA'06), 22-24 Mar 2006, Bordeaux, France.

27 March 2006

Olsson, Fredrik and Karlgren, Jussi and Hansen, Preben and Svensson, Martin and Cöster, Rickard and Sahlgren, Magnus (2006) Consensus and opinions; quality and churn. In: AAAI Spring Symposium on Computational Approaches to Analysing Weblogs, 27-29 March 2006, Stanford, California.

April 2006

Isbister, Katherine and Höök, Kristina and Sharp, Michael and Laaksolahti, Jarmo (2006) The Sensual Evaluation Instrument: Developing an Affective Evaluation Tool. In: Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human Factors in computing systems (CHI 2006), 2006, Montreal, Canada.

02 April 2006

Marsh, Ian and Severiano, Juan Carlos Martin and Nunes, Victor Yuri Diogo and Maguire, Gerald Q. (2006) IEEE 802.11b voice quality assessment using cross-layer information. In: 1st Workshop on multiMedia Applications over Wireless Networks, 2 April 2006, Athens, Greece.

03 April 2006

Ekelin, Svante and Nilsson, Martin and Hartikainen, Erik and Johnsson, Andreas and Mångs, Jan-Erik and Melander, Bob and Björkman, Mats (2006) Real-time measurement of end-to-end available bandwidth using Kalman filtering. In: 10th IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS 2006), 3-7 April 2006, Vancouver, Canada.

05 April 2006

Clough, Paul and Karlgren, Jussi and Gonzalo, Julio (2006) Multilingual interactive experiments with Flickr. In: Workshop on New Text - wikis and blogs and other dynamic text sources, April 5, 2006, Trento, Italy.

May 2006

Boman, Magnus and Ghaffar, Asim and Liljeros, Fredrik and Stenhem, Mikael (2006) Social network visualization as a contract tracing tool. In: Agent Technology for Disaster Management, May 2006, Hakodate, Japan.

Rivas, Helena and Voigt, Thiemo and Dunkels, Adam (2006) A Simple and Efficient Method to Mitigate the Hot Spot Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks. In: Performance Control in Wireless Sensor Networks, May 2006, Coimbra, Portugal.

07 May 2006

Montola, Markus and Waern, Annika (2006) Participant Roles in Socially Expanded Games. In: Third International Workshop on Pervasive Gaming Applications, Pervasive Conference, 7 May 2006, Dublin, Ireland. (In Press)

15 May 2006

Marsh, Ian and Grönvall, Björn and Hammer, Florian (2006) The design and implementation of a quality-based handover trigger. In: 5th International IFIP-TC6 Networking Conference, 15-19 May 2006, Coimbra, Portugal.

31 May 2006

Nilsson, Martin (2006) Kalman Filtering with Unknown Noise Covariances. In: Reglermöte 2006, 30-31 May 2006, Stockholm, Sweden.

June 2006

Ali, Muneeb and Voigt, Thiemo and Uzmi, Zartash Afzal (2006) Mobility Management in Sensor Networks. In: Workshops Proceeding of 2nd IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems (DCOSS'06), June 2006, San Francisco, California.

05 June 2006

Varela, Martin and Marsh, Ian and Grönvall, Björn (2006) A Systematic Study of PESQ's Performance (from a Networking Perspective). In: 5th International Conference MESAQIN 2006: MEASUREMENT OF AUDIO AND VIDEO QUALITY IN NETWORKS, 5-6 June 2006, Prague, Czech Republic.

15 June 2006

Jonsson, Staffan and Montola, Markus and Waern, Annika and Ericsson, Martin (2006) Prosopopeia: Experiences from a Pervasive Larp. In: ACM SIGCHI International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology, 14-16 June 2006, Hollywood, California, USA.

29 August 2006

Aronsson, Martin and Kreuger, Per and Gjerdrum, Jonathan (2006) An Efficient MIP Model for Locomotive Scheduling with Time Windows. In: ATMOS 2006 - 6th Workshop on Algorithmic Methods and Models for Optimization of Railways, 14-16 September 2006, Zürich.

September 2006

Albertsson, Lars (2006) Holistic debugging - enabling instruction set simulation for software quality assurance. In: Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS), September 2006, Monterey, California.

13 September 2006

Giambiagi, Pablo and Owe, Olaf and Ravn, Anders P. and Schneider, Gerardo (2006) Language-Based Support for Service Oriented Architectures: Future Directions. In: 1st International Conference on Software and Data Technologies (ICSOFT 2006), 11-14 Sep 2006, Setúbal, Portugal.

October 2006

Darko-Ampem, Sakyibea and Katsoufi, Maria and Giambiagi, Pablo (2006) Secure Negotiation in Virtual Organizations. In: Advances in Quality of Service Management (AQuSerM 2006), 16-20 Oct 2006, Hong Kong. (In Press)

Höök, Kristina (2006) Designing Familiar Open Surfaces. In: NordiCHI 2006, 14-18 Oct 2006, Oslo, Noway.

Johansson, Mikael and Gunnar, Anders (2006) Data-driven traffic engineering: techniques, experiences and challenges. In: Broadnets 2006, 1-5 October 2006, San Jose, California. (In Press)

22 October 2006

Gunnar, Anders (2006) Identifying Critical Traffic Demands in an IP Backbone. In: SNCNW 2006, 26-27 Oct 2006, Luleå, Sweden.

November 2006

Montola, Markus and Waern, Annika (2006) Ethical and practical look at unaware game participation. In: Gaming Realities, 4-8 October 2006, Athens, Greece.

01 November 2006

Dunkels, Adam and Niclas, Finne and Eriksson, Joakim and Voigt, Thiemo (2006) Run-time dynamic linking for reprogramming wireless sensor networks. In: Proceedings of the Fourth ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys 2006), November 2006, Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Dunkels, Adam and Schmidt, Oliver and Voigt, Thiemo and Ali, Muneeb (2006) Protothreads: simplifying event-driven programming of memory-constrained embedded systems. In: Proceedings of the Fourth ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys 2006), November 2006, Boulder, Colorado, USA.

14 November 2006

Österlind, Fredrik and Dunkels, Adam and Eriksson, Joakim and Finne, Niclas and Voigt, Thiemo (2006) Cross-level sensor network simulation with COOJA. In: First IEEE International Workshop on Practical Issues in Building Sensor Network Applications (SenseApp 2006), November 2006, Tampa, Florida, USA.

December 2006

Hänninen, Kaj and Mäki-Turja, Jukka and Bohlin, Markus and Carlson, Jan and Nolin, Mikael (2006) Determining maximum stack usage in preemptive shared stack systems. In: The 27th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium, 5-8 Dec 2006, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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