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Ahlgren, Bengt and Lindgren, Per and Sirotkin, Teet (1989) SPION: Secure Protocols in OSI Networks. [SICS Report]

Andersson, Jerker and Andersson, Per (1989) On the usage of knowledge based techniques in configuring computer systems: a case study. [SICS Report]

Aronsson, Martin (1989) GAM: An abstract machine for GCLA. [SICS Report]

Aronsson, Martin (1989) The Instruction Set for the GCLA Abstract Machine. [SICS Report]

Aronsson, Martin (1989) STRIPS-Like planning using GCLA. [SICS Report]

Aronsson, Martin and Eriksson, Lars-Henrik and Gäredal, Anette and Hallnäs, Lars and Olin, Peter (1989) The programming language GCLA: A definitional approach to logic programming. [SICS Report]

Aronsson, Martin and Eriksson, Lars-Henrik and Hallnäs, Lars and Kreuger, Per (1989) A survey of GCLA: a definitional approach to logic programming. In: Extensions of Logic Programming - ELP'89: Proceedings of the first international workshop on extensions of logic programming, 1989, Tübingen, FRG.

Avatare, Anneli (1989) Computer aided hardware design by space-time mappings. [SICS Report]


Backlund, Björn and Bolognesi, Tommaso and Hagsand, Olof and Latella, Diego and Pehrson, Björn (1989) A graphical G-LOTOS editor defined by meta-tool LOGGIE. [SICS Report]

Backlund, Björn and Hagsand, Olof and Pehrson, Björn (1989) Generation of graphic language-oriented design environments. [SICS Report]

Bång, Anna and Lindberger, Per (1989) Developing a natural language interface and connecting it to a first order logic theorem prover. [SICS Report]

Benzinger, Mikael and Nordström, Anna (1989) Design of structure presentation layer editors in LOGGIE. [SICS Report]

Bogeby, Hans and Vuorela, Harri (1989) Implementation of basic graphical support system. [SICS Report]


Christersson, Magnus (1989) PLANKEE - a Planner with Replanning Capability. [SICS Report]


Eriksson, Mikael (1989) Inlärning av strukturer i konceptuella scheman från databaser. [SICS Report]


Franzén, Torkel (1989) Algorithmic aspects of intuitionistic propositional logic II. [SICS Report]


Gullestad, Ylva (1989) ALPHA: Implementation of a subset of PHIGS. [SICS Report]

Gunningberg, Per and Björkman, Mats and Nordmark, Erik and Pink, Stephen and Sjödin, Peter and Strömqvist, Jan-Erik (1989) Application protocols and performance benchmarks. IEEE Communications Magazine, 27 (6).


Hagersten, Erik and Haridi, Seif (1989) The cache coherence protocol of the data diffusion machine. [SICS Report]


Janson, Sverker and Rayner, Manny (1989) Finding out = Achieving Decidability. [SICS Report]

Jonsson, Bengt and Parrow, Joachim (1989) Deciding bisimulation equivalences for a class of non-finite-state programs. [SICS Report]


Khan, Ahmed Hussain (1989) Implementation of a verification method to communication protocols. [SICS Report]

Kreuger, Per (1989) EWAM: An extension of WAM to execute functional programs. [SICS Report]

Kreuger, Per (1989) Två system för default-resonemang, en studie av Kurt Konoliges artikel: On the relation between default and autoepistemic logic. [SICS Report]

Kreuger, Per (1989) A version of Huet's algorithm for higher-order unification. [SICS Report]


Lee, Chan-Hee (1989) Implementering av CCS med värdeöverföring. [SICS Report]

Lisper, Björn (1989) Computing transitive closure on systolic arrays of fixed size. [SICS Report]

Lusk, Ewing and Warren, David H.D. and Haridi, Seif (1989) The Aurora Or-Parallel Prolog system. [SICS Report]


Nordmark, Erik (1989) SICS protocol implementation measurement system: user manual. [SICS Report]


Palmkvist, Johan (1989) Implementation of a planning system using GCLA. [SICS Report]


Rayner, Manny (1989) Applying explanation-based learning to natural-language processing (part 1). [SICS Report]

Rayner, Manny (1989) On the applicability of non-monotonic logic to formal reasoning in continuous time. [SICS Report]

Rudström, Åsa and Jansson, Carl Gustaf (1989) Re-use of Problem Solving Experience for the Weekly Planning of School Meals. In: Second Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 1989, Tampere, Finland.


Sahlin, Dan (1989) Collapsing variable chains in Prolog. [SICS Report]

Sahlin, Dan and Franzén, Torkel and Haridi, Seif (1989) An Intuitionistic Predicate Logic Theorem Prover. [SICS Report]

Samuelsson, Christer and Rayner, Manny (1989) Applying explanation-based learning to natural language processing (part 2). [SICS Report]

Sjödin, Peter and Gunningberg, Per and Nordmark, Erik and Pink, Stephen (1989) Towards protocol benchmarks. In: Protocols for High Speed Networks, 1989, Zurich, Switzerland.


Tunevi, Anders (1989) Knowledge structures, strategies and learning processes in fault finding. [SICS Report]

Tunevi, Anders (1989) A learning system for fault finding. [SICS Report]

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