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Almgren, Jonas and Andersson, Stefan and Flood, Lena and Frisk, Claes and Nilsson, Hans and Sundberg, Jan (1991) SICStus Prolog library manual. [SICS Report]

Alshawi, Hiyan and Brown, Carl and Carter, David and Gambäck, Björn and Pulman, Steve and Rayner, Manny (1991) Bilingual conversation interpreter : a prototype interactive message translator. Final report. [SICS Report]

Alshawi, Hiyan and Carter, David and Gambäck, Björn and Pulman, Steve and Rayner, Manny (1991) Transfer through quasi logical form - A new approach to machine translation. [SICS Report]

Andersson, Stefan (1991) Implementing a module system for SICStus Prolog. [SICS Report]

Aronsson, Martin (1991) A Definitional approach to the combination of functional and relational programming. [SICS Report]

Aronsson, Martin (1991) The GCLA user's manual. [SICS Report]

Aronsson, Martin (1991) A parser for GDL written in Sicstus Prolog. [SICS Report]


Boortz, Kent (1991) Länkning av Prolog under C. [SICS Report]

Boortz, Kent (1991) SICStus maskinkodskompilering. [SICS Report]

Brown, Carl and Gustavsson, Rune and Höök, Kristina and Lindewall, Per and Waern, Annika (1991) Final report on interactive route guidance 1988-1991. [SICS Report]


Carlsson, Mats (1991) Boolean constraints in SICStus Prolog. [SICS Report]

Carlsson, Mats (1991) The SICStus emulator. [SICS Report]

Carlsson, Mats and Widén, Johan and Andersson, Johan and Andersson, Stefan and Boortz, Kent and Nilsson, Hans and Sjöland, Thomas (1991) Industrial SICStus Prolog user's manual. [SICS Report]

Cleaveland, Rance and Parrow, Joachim and Bernhard, Steffen (1991) The concurrency workbench: A semantics based tool for the verification of concurrent systems. [SICS Report]


Dahlberg, Monica (1991) Efficient algorithms for computing transitive closure in CWB : Implementation and comparison of several variations. [SICS Report]


Ernberg, Patrik (1991) CCS as a method of specification and verification: analysis of a case study. [SICS Report]


Franzén, Torkel (1991) Logical aspects of the Andorra Kernal Language. [SICS Report]


Ghemri, Lila (1991) A framework for diagnosis and remedial feedback. [SICS Report]


Hagersten, Erik and Landin, Anders and Haridi, Seif (1991) Multiprocessor consistency and synchronization thru transient cache states. In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Scalable Shared-Memory Processors, 26-27 May 1990, Seattle, Washington, USA.

Hagner, Nils and Olsson, Ingvar (1991) Aspects and experiences of MIS and SICStus Prolog. [SICS Report]

Hagner, Nils and Tunevi, Anders (1991) Implementing case-based reasoning in SICStus Prolog. [SICS Report]

Höök, Kristina and Karlgren, Jussi (1991) Some Principles for Route Descriptions Derived from Human Advisers. In: Proceedings of the 13th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, Chicago, Illinois.

Höök, Kristina and Karlgren, Jussi (1991) Some principles for route descriptions derived from human advisers. [SICS Report]


Janson, Sverker and Haridi, Seif (1991) Programming paradigms of the Andorra Kernel Language. [SICS Report]

Jonsson, Bengt (1991) A hierarchy of compositional models of I/O-Automata. [SICS Report]

Jonsson, Bengt and Guldstrand Larsen, Kim (1991) On the complexity of equation solving in process algebra. [SICS Report]


Landin, Anders and Hagersten, Erik and Haridi, Seif (1991) Race-free interconnection networks and multiprocessor consistency. In: Proceedings of the 18th annual international symposium on Computer architecture (ISCA '91) , 1991, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Landin, Anders and Haridi, Seif and Hagersten, Erik (1991) DDM - a cache-only memory architecture. [SICS Report]

Landin, Anders and Haridi, Seif and Hagersten, Erik and Andersson, Pär (1991) A performance study of the DDM - a cache-only memory architecture. [SICS Report]

Laurell, Anne (1991) The construction methods presentator. A multi media presentation tool for construction methods. [SICS Report]

Lisper, Björn (1991) Formal derivation of concurrent assignments from scheduled single assignments. [SICS Report]


Nöu, Fredrik (1991) Extending the interactive space-time scheduler with support for hierarchical scheduling. [SICS Report]

Nilsson, Hans (1991) The External storage facility in SICStus Prolog. [SICS Report]

Nilsson, Hans (1991) A set of predicates for fast reading and writing in SICStus. [SICS Report]


Orava, Fredrik and Parrow, Joachim (1991) An algebraic verification of a mobile network. [SICS Report]


Parrow, Joachim and Walker, David and Milner, Robin (1991) Modal logics for mobile processes. [SICS Report]

Permwall, Oskar (1991) A bibliography on sketches from the computer science point of view. [SICS Report]

Pink, Stephen and Partridge, Craig (1991) An implementation of the revised Internet stream protocol (ST-2). [SICS Report]


Sahlin, Dan and Carlsson, Mats (1991) Variable shunting for the WAM. [SICS Report]

Samuelsson, Christer and Rayner, Manny (1991) Developing an EBL bypass for a large-scale natural language query interface to relational data bases. [SICS Report]

Sjödin, Gunnar and Löfwall, Clas (1991) Strong normalizability in Martin-Löf's Type Theory. [SICS Report]

Szeredi, Peter and Carlsson, Mats and Yang, Rong (1991) Interfacing engines and schedulers in Or-Parallel Prolog systems. In: PARLE'91 - Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe: Proceedings, Volume II: Parallel Languages, 10-13 June 1991, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.


Waern, Annika (1991) Presenting route guidance information : some thoughts about interface design. [SICS Report]

Waern, Annika (1991) Route guidance for novice navigators: prestudy results. [SICS Report]

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