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Karlgren, Jussi (1993) Sublanguages and Registers -- A Note On Terminology. Interacting with Computers, 5 (3). pp. 348-350.

Partridge, Craig and Pink, Stephen (1993) A faster UDP. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 1 (4). pp. 429-440. ISSN 1063-6692

Book Section

Pink, Stephen (1993) TCP/IP on gigabit networks. In: High Performance Networks: Vol. 2, Frontiers and Experience. Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Conference or Workshop Item

Bohm, Christer and Lindgren, Per and Ramfelt, Lars and Sjödin, Peter (1993) Resource reservation in DTM. In: Proceedings of the First IEEE Symposium on Global Data Networking, 12-15 Dec 1993, Cairo, Egypt.

Bretan, Ivan and Karlgren, Jussi (1993) Synergy Effects in Natural Language-Based Multimodal Interaction. In: ERCIM Workshop on Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction, Nancy, France.

Carlsson, Mats and Grindal, Mats (1993) Automatic frequency assignment for cellular telephones using constraint satisfaction techniques. In: ICLP'93, 10th International Conference on Logic Programming, 21-25 June 1993, Budapest, Hungary.

Fahlén, Lennart and Brown, Charles Grant and Ståhl, Olov and Carlsson, Christer (1993) A space based model for user interaction in shared synthetic environments. In: Human Factors in Computing Systems , 24-29 April 1993, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Hagersten, Erik and Grindal, Mats and Landin, Anders (1993) Simulating the data diffusion machine. In: Proceedings of PARLE '93, 14-17 Jun 1993, Munich, Germany.

Hagsand, Olof and Pink, Stephen (1993) ATM as a link in an ST-2 Internet. In: Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Network and Operating System Support for Digital Audio and Video, 3-5 Nov 1993, Lancaster, UK.

Höök, Kristina and Karlgren, Jussi and Waern, Annika (1993) Inferring complex plans. In: 1st International Workshop on Intelligent User Interfaces, 4-7 Jan 1993, Orlando, Florida.

Karlgren, Jussi and Gambäck, Björn and Samuelsson, Christer (1993) Clustering sentences. In: 9th Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics (NoDaLiDa), 1993, Stockholm, Sweden.

Karlsson, Gunnar (1993) Stockholm gigabit network. In: Proceedings of the First IEEE Symposium on Global Data Networking, 12-15 Dec 1993, Cairo, Egypt.

Kreuger, Per (1993) Axioms in Definitional Calculi. In: Extensions of Logic Programming ELP'93: Proceedings of the fourth international workshop on extensions of logic programming, 1993, St Andrews, UK.

Magnusson, Peter S. (1993) A design for efficient simulation of a multiprocessor. In: Proceedings of MASCOTS, 17-20 Jan 1993, La Jolla, San Diego, CA, USA.

Magnusson, Peter S. (1993) Simulation of parallel hardware. In: International Workshop on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS), 17-20 Jan 1993, San Diego, CA, USA.

Murray, Kevin and Wilkinson, Tim and Osmon, Peter and Saulsbury, Ashley and Kelly, Paul and Stiemerling, Tom (1993) Design and implementation of an object-orientated 64-bit single address space microkernel. In: 2nd USENIX Symposium on Microkernels and other Kernel Architectures: Vol. 4, 20-23 Aug 1993, San Diego, CA, USA.

Pink, Stephen and Sjödin, Peter (1993) The dtm multicast channel protocol. In: Proceedings of the 6th MultiG Workshop, May 1993, Stockholm, Sweden.

SICS Report

Almgren, Jonas and Andersson, Stefan and Carlsson, Mats and Flood, Lena and Haridi, Seif and Frisk, Claes and Nilsson, Hans and Sundberg, Jan (1993) SICStus Prolog library manual, version 2.1 #8. [SICS Report]

Andersson, Johan and Andersson, Stefan and Boortz, Kent and Carlsson, Mats and Nilsson, Hans and Sjöland, Thomas and Widén, Johan (1993) SICStus Prolog user's manual, version 2.1 #8. [SICS Report]

Aronsson, Martin (1993) Implementational Issues in GCLA: A-Sufficiency and the Definiens Operation. [SICS Report]

Aronsson, Martin (1993) Implementational Issues in GCLA: Compiling Control. [SICS Report]

Aronsson, Martin (1993) Planning the Construction of a Building. [SICS Report]

Falkman, Göran and Warnby, Jonas (1993) Technical Diagnosis of Telecommunication Equipment - An Implementation of a Task specific Problems solving method (TDFL) using GCLA II. [SICS Report]

Magnusson, Peter S. (1993) Partial Translation. [SICS Report]

Nordström, Magnus and Pettersson, Paul (1993) A tool for rapid manual translation. [SICS Report]

Palmersjö, Roger (1993) InterTool: Ett grafiskt gränssnitt mot verifikationsverktyg. [SICS Report]

Parrow, Joachim (1993) Interaction Diagrams. [SICS Report]

Parrow, Joachim and Sangiorgi, Davide (1993) Algebraic theories for name-passing calculi. [SICS Report]

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